Domestic Worker (Male/Female)


Domestic Worker


Limassol, Cyprus


8 pass


0 - 4 years


Domestic workers comprise a significant part of the global workforce in informal employment and are among the most vulnerable groups of workers. They work for private households, often without clear terms of employment, unregistered in any book, and excluded from the scope of labour legislation. Currently there are at least 67 million domestic workers worldwide, not including child domestic workers and this number is increasing steadily in developed and developing countries. Even though a substantial number of men work in the sector – often as gardeners, drivers or butlers – it remains a highly feminized sector: 80 per cent of all domestic workers are women.

Their work may include tasks such as cleaning the house, cooking, washing and ironing clothes, taking care of children, or elderly or sick members of a family, gardening, guarding the house, driving for the family, and even taking care of household pets.


  • Contract Period: 2 years
  • Place of Employment: Cyprus
  • Accommodation: Provided by the company
  • Working Hours: 8 hours as per Cyprus Law and collective agreement and the contracts
  • Working Days: 26 days a month/6 days a week
  • Over Time: Extra (As per Cyprus Law)
  • Food: Provided by Employer
  • Medical: As per Cyprus Law
  • Leave Benefits: As per Cyprus Law
  • Probation Period: 6 months
  • Insurance: As per Cyprus Law
  • Air Ticket: Provided by Employer